CarDAQ-Plus 2®


The CarDAQ-Plus2® is the next generation Drew Technologies J2534-1 and J2534-2 device with advanced support for J2534 v05.00 and DoIP. In addition, it features High Speed USB and support for global vehicles. Drew Technologies fully tests our devices for compliance and meet all of today's SAE J2534 standards. OEM's globally trust Drew Technologies and approve our tools for their dealerships as well as their Engineering uses, such as: testing, software development, EOL testing, and more. Consider Drew Technologies for your custom solutions needs too.

For sell sheet on the CarDAQ-Plus 2®, click HERE.

For video link on the CarDAQ-Plus 2®, click HERE.


CarDAQ-Plus 2® Kit

CarDAQ-Plus 2® device, Vehicle cable, USB cable,
and Quick Start Guide.

Optional BMW Cable Kit - Includes the 20 pin and 7-8 pin adapters for connection to BMW vehicles (Add $80)
    Optional Bluetooth Wireless (Add $200)

Master Bundle

Includes CarDAQ-Plus 2® Kit and Standard DrewLinQ Kit for light-duty all the way to heavy-duty jobs.
Price: $2,250