AVIT-2 from Drew Technologies is setting the standard as the first telematics and data logging solution that combines industry leading performance, scalability, and built-in wireless connectivity in an affordable package. Purchase the features you need now and upgrade them later. AVIT-2 is currently available for purchase by contacting us at sales@drewtech.com


Product Specifications

AVIT 2 Standard Features:
• Dual Core 1GHz Linux System
• 3 standard CAN Channels, upgradable to 8
• 1 USB device port for PC connection
• 2 USB host ports, optional upgrade up to 9 ports
• Micro-SD Slot
• 6 multi-color LEDs
• 1 HUD port
• 3 trigger inputs
• 2 programmable outputs
• Speaker
• Mounting Bracket
• Low Power Mode, multiple wake-up options

AVIT 2 Options:
• Built-in GPS
• Built in 802.11 b/g/n Wireless
• Dual Gigabit Ethernet
• Built-in Solid-State SATA2 Hard Drive (up to 1TB)
• Add up to a total of 8 CAN channels
• Add up to a total of 9 USB Host Ports
• Add legacy OBD2 Protocols including J1850PWM, I1850VPW, and ISO9141/KWP2000
• Add a 4.3" Color Touch-screen Heads-Up Display
• Future design capable of LIN, Flex-ray, MOST, J1708, and more
• RAM expandable to 4GB

Industry Standard API:
• J2534 support
• RP1210 support
• Supports J2534-2 (MSCAN, 1Mb CAN, CAN_MIXED_MODE, Analogs)

Physical Specifications:
• Operating voltage: 7 36 Volts
• Size: 215mm x 156mm x 54mm
• Weight: 3lb
• Operating Temperature: Industrial Range (-40 to +85 C)

3rd Party Software Supported:
Use any PassThru (J2534) compliant application (V2, SPS/DPS, OEM mandated reprogramming.) Create your own applications in LabVIEW™, C or Visual Basic.
Note: Drew Technologies provides an application programmer interface (DLL) for OEMs, integrators, or end-users to develop their own PassThru (SAE J2534) applications. We also offer in-house software development services line the Linux-SDK. This kit will help developers write application software more quickly that can be compiled and run on AVIT 2 and CarDAQ-Plus 2.


For more information, contact our Sales team at 877.888.2534 (option 2) or email sales@drewtech.com.
Office hours are 8:30 - 6:30 EST Monday - Friday.