DiY Cart



Drew Technologies has put together a kit with all of the hard to find parts you need to make your own DIY Cart system to help you save money and have control. After you purchase our DIY Cart Bracket Kit you can assemble your own system with a computer and common parts found locally or online. Kit converts a standard cart into a specialized workstation using your existing computer (Windows 7 PC or laptop), printer, and monitor. If a part fails, we will replace it locally the same day! We have tested all of the items we suggest below. The user can purchase different items, such as a larger monitor, different PC, or wireless barcode scanner. If you would like more recommendations or have any questions, contact us at

In the DIY kit, you can purchase the following equipment to assemble your own cart: 

Item Part Number Price Link
IMclean® DAD Device IMclean-01 $1,295
DIY Cart Bracket DIY-Bracket $500
22" Monitor (or larger) Viewsonic VA2246M $129.99
APC Battery Backup APC BE350G $44.95
Barcode Scanner Motorola LI-2208 $107.50
Laser Printer Brother HL2230 $125.49
Windows 7 Micro PC Asus EB1007P-B001F $335.42
Mobile Computer Cart 309235BK $274.95
Total Investment:   $2,813.30