General FAQ's ❱

Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) FAQ's:

The RAP Kit is FREE! It is a pay per service program with reprogramming currently available for $125.00 each.

Note: there is a nominal monthly charge if the kit is not used at least 2x/month.

At the time of this posting, Drew is currently supporting Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan and Toyota. For the latest details, please visit our capabilities page.

This is OE dependent. Because of all the specifics, please visit our capabilities page for the latest details.

Yes, GM key and security functions are managed through their Tech2Win and GDS2 applications, which Drew will utilize as needed. Ford addresses Key and related security functions through their J2534 application thru model year 2013.

Visit our capabilities page for the latest details.

This can change at any time. Please visit our capabilities page.

There is no set amount of time for which you must keep the kit. Contact RAP Support for a return authorization number and we'll gladly accept it back.

You may call anytime during our RAP Service hours: 8:30am – 6:30pm EST (holiday hours may vary)

Due to unpredictable call volumes, you are encouraged to call at least two (2) hours prior to closing (4:30pm EST). We will do our best to fulfill your request as soon as possible; but there will be a chance because of the volumes that we will need to schedule into the next business day.